What is Palliative Care, REALLY?

What is Palliative Care, REALLY?

What is Palliative Care?

September 3, 2024

We invite you to our next UDNF Together on Tuesdays series on Tuesday, September 3rd  at 12:00 p..m. ET for What is Palliative Care, REALLY? 

What is Palliative Care REALLY?

What is palliative care, REALLY? Hospice care? Concurrent care? Too often, these services are misunderstood, creating fear and anxiety in families and hesitancy by providers to recommend them. Come learn about each—how they can support your care goals and help make each day as good as it can be for you and your loved one. 

About the Speakers:

Jennifer Siedman – Jennifer is the Director of Community Engagement for Courageous Parents Network (CPN). CPN is a non-profit with a mission to orient and empower parents and others caring for children with serious medical conditions by providing resources and tools that reflect the experience and perspective of families and clinicians. A bereaved mom, she also serves as president of Ben’s Dream: Sanfilippo Research Foundation and has worked with researchers and patient advocacy groups worldwide. Jennifer received her MEd in middle school education from Lesley University.

Michele Herndon, MSN, RN – Michele is the Program Director of the UDNF’s Patient Navigation Program. For the past two decades, she has served as a pediatric nurse, leader, and manager in an academic hospital setting. Michele is also the mother of Mitchell, who enrolled in the UDN in 2017 after five years of symptoms. After genetic sequencing and a model organism study using fruit flies, the UDN identified his gene mutation. Mitchell died in 2019 from the ultra-rare disease that was ultimately named after him, Mitchell Syndrome. Michele and her family started the Mitchell & Friends Foundation to support families and raise both awareness and money for research into Mitchell Syndrome. 

We hope you’ll join us on September 3rd!

How to Register:

Registration for the event is free and open to everyone. To register, please visit the UDNF Registration Page